Art and about Europe 2016 – (part 1) Edinburgh

Photo: “There will be no miracles here” – Nathan Coley

I recently returned from seven weeks in Europe. There were many highlights, but I’m starting with a favourite city,  Edinburgh. I love it, always enriching sights to see, places to go. And, I’m fortunate in having good friends there who ensure that I experience as much as possible in this culturally prosperous city.

Before moving onto its art world, my days in Edinburgh begin with a sprightly walk up towards Arthurs Seat, past Dunsapie Loch through Holyrood Park, down to Duddingston Village and Loch.  What a way to kick-start the day!
   IMG_5384   IMG_5383_edited-1   IMG_1062   IMG_1119   IMG_5391

Art abounds in Edinburgh:

“Modern Scottish Women Painters & Sculptors 1885-1965” at Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art
As the title suggests, the exhibition focussed on an unprecedented number of Scottish women who trained at the Glasgow School of Art and went on to become successful artists. Beautiful works.
   E pic 2   E pic 5   E pic 3   E pic 4   E pic1
(Photos: Elizabeth Munro)

DOVECOT tapestry studios and galleries.  This lovely building was formerly Victorian baths. It is a must-see for any visitor to Edinburgh. Enjoy various exhibition spaces as you walk your way up to the top floor, overlooking the weavers at work and multi-coloured looms. It’s silent as these artisans go about their detailed and highly concentrated productivity. This time, Dovecot was exhibiting works featuring tufting (a process where threads are inserted on the base design of the tapestry, forming an additional layer – a third dimension).
   E24   IMG_1147   IMG_1149_edited-1

THE QUEEN’S GALLERY – “Masters of the Everyday – Dutch Artists in the Age of Vermeer”
What a delightful exhibition, in a most elegant space (I hadn’t been to this gallery before). So much bawdiness, drunkeness, seduction and pictures of domesticity in works by Gerrit Dou, Pieter de Hooch and Jan Steen.  Literally “a joy to behold.”
   IMG_1467   IMG_1438   IMG_1437   IMG_1451   IMG_1447
If you’re visiting The Queen’s Gallery, there’s a gift shop full of all things royal, and a charming coffee shop.
   IMG_1458   IMG_1462   IMG_1463

For a wealth of contemporary art, stroll DUNDAS STREET. Several galleries, with a diversity of artists’ works.  Let the photographs do the talking.
Beautiful glassworks:
   IMG_1412   IMG_1379   IMG_1390   IMG_1384   IMG_1385   IMG_1391 

Other stunning spaces and contemporary works:
   IMG_1402   IMG_1404   IMG_1399   IMG_1400   IMG_1398   IMG_1395

Leaving the best ‘til last – JUPITER ARTLAND. What a magnificent location. A sculpture
garden within 100 acres of privately owned woodlands, an historic Jacobean manor house, “Bonnington”, with formal gardens.   Owners Robert and Nicky Wilson bought the property in 1999, then later approached various contemporary sculptors to create new works for the
surrounding grounds. With the map provided, you explore the pathways and tracks.
IMG_1241   IMG_1240   IMG_1238   IMG_1265   IMG_1246   IMG_1301 IMG_1307   IMG_1300
All works are alluring in their settings, but nothing so breathtaking as Charles Jenck’s expansive landform. It’s extraordinary with many aspects, spaces to wander, stand (or sit) on the grass, look around and pass the time.
IMG_1284   IMG_1297   IMG_1340   IMG_1311   IMG_1294   IMG_1280

Bonnington House and interior gallery:
IMG_1337   IMG_1333   IMG_1330

I’ll finish this blog as I started, with the discovery of another work by Nathan Coley at Jupiter   Artland, “You Imagine What you Desire