Inge King – the star in her Constellation

Today, not only did I thrill at the new Inge King exhibition, “Constellation”, at the National Gallery of Victoria, but also
attended an “in conversation with” the 98 year old sculptor and Tony Ellwood, Gallery Director.

Inge’s work is amazing, but so is she!  With a vivid memory and sense of humour, she recalled her times in Glasgow, London, Paris and New York pre the 1950s.  She talked about arriving in Australia, with her life partner, artist Graeme King,  the “wonderful and untidy” Australian landscape and creating works to contradict it.

Known for her huge, contemporary sculptures situated on the Gallery lawns,  freeways, at Heide Museum of Modern Art, she was asked how she faced the challenges presented at the sites where her work has been commissioned. Promptly, Inge replied, “Unless there’s a challenge, you won’t make anything worthwhile.”  ……Food for thought indeed.


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