“Decade” – Rennie Ellis

It’s just passed ten years since my dear friend and former employer, RENNIE ELLIS, passed away.  An extraordinary photojournalist, Rennie’s gift was to capture and record Melbourne, our beach culture, the high society, the women, the weird, the different, the partying, the ‘out there’ – and to befriend everyone along the way.

To celebrate Rennie’s life, “Decade” the book was released a few weeks back, a tribute to the 70’s and the many memories recorded by Rennie and his camera.  I’ve been working my way through the pages. I thought I’d seen most of
Rennie’s remarkable library, but there so much more: the politics and protests of that era,
the lifestyles    . Have a look at www. rennieellis.com.au

These photos are a mere sampling of Rennie Ellis’ extraordinary talents.

Blogscan July 2010 The Gang, Windsor 1976 Photograph by Rennie Ellis  Fitzroy-Extrovert-1974  parade-590x393  rennie-ellis-photography_04  rennieellis_507_full