train travelling

Travelled back from Kerang on Friday. A four hour train trip and a first for me as such trips are usually done by road.   I’d been in Kerang to see Regional Arts Victoria’s “Women’s Work” exhibition and meet some of the creative education/arts folk in that region.

So vastly different from my usual trips by Virgin Rail from London, stopping off at Wilmslow, Cheshire, or further north to Edinburgh. On these journeys the greens get greener and the sheep get bigger.  Friday’s adventure was a different landscape of blue skies, gum trees, farm sheds and tractors, rabbits scurrying, kangaroos leaping, eagles soaring.   The young girl next to me had packed her sparkling stilettos – she was off to Melbourne to see Beyoncé in concert.

As we came closer to Melbourne there were new suburbs, railway stations, a mosque and Chinese temple, and the rail yards were adorned with colourful graffiti.

© tPRo Pamela Reid

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