let a smile be your umbrella


Some exhibitions make you smile. Maybe it’s as simple as the title, Dancing Umbrellas – think Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain”, Sondheim’s “Sunday in the Park with George” and “Thank Heavens For Little Girls”, Maurice Chevalier in Gigi.

Paraplouie is the delightful French word for umbrella, and so appropriate that the artwork that inspired the exhibition title is Belle Bassin’s It’s easier to see your skin, a video installation where umbrellas float around Paris and travel through the stairwells in The Metro….. are you smiling already?  Dancing Umbrellas has light, colour, movement and it is theatrical. On entering, the first work to catch your eye is Leslie Eastman’s For the Time Being.  It’s geometric magic with mirrors; the perfect sculpture, it changes as you move around it, or it moves around you. Reflective in the literal and meditative sense. This was my favourite artwork in the exhibition.
           m1     m3     w     m2
                                             For the Time Being

Peter CrippsMasks are part of his experimental play City Life, Rebecca Baumann’s Reflected Glory IV uses mirrors and foil as footlights to an explosion of pretty pastels, while Minna Gilligan’s Song Outside My Window is a joyous mix of
collage and moving images. This is a large piece and its worth getting your nose into all the collages, each a colourful fantasy with its own storyline. (I contemplated the world on view from Minna’s window.)  A bright orange-painted room houses Damiano Bertoli‘s Continuous Moment: Le Désir, various works, ‘props’ and design aspects of film or theatre
production, a mise-en-scène.
      Fmasks               IMG_0125                  FullSizer                     IMG_0120
        Masks            Reflected Glory IV      Song Outside  My Window       Continuous Moment: Le Désir

Heide has curated yet another beautiful exhibition: Dancing Umbrellas.
      IMG_0122           FullSizeRender            thing           Full

And, while you’re still smiling, I have to mention Sarah Crowest’s #straponpaintings. Such fun. Annie and Sam happily immersed themselves in this wholly inter-active exhibit.
    12376361_10154001590217980_2189587115424492885_n             12524397_10154001590242980_6176971202743789316_n             12718400_10154001024347980_694377084355905315_n

© All artworks Heide Museum of Modern Art exhibition.
Photos: tPRo/Pamela Reid and Annie Blachly